About Darren

Darren Laudenbach has unique range of financial skills and experience that has helped him develop range of courses and programs tailored to Christians 

Darren Laudenbach  - Presenter, Speaker, Trainer, Author, Mentor, Coach, x-Financial Planner, Company Director, Shareholder - DipFP, AdvDipBus, Cert IV Financial Services (finance / mortgage broking), Cert IV Life Coaching

Growing up in a Christian home was definitely a blessing for Darren - he committed his life to Jesus in his mid-teens. Influenced by his dad’s 40 year career as a financial planner Darren entered this profession and in 2001 reached the highest level as a Certified Financial Planner.

However Darren came to realise that much of what he had learnt was not in line with the principles of the Bible. Allied to this Darren got involved in a number of other businesses outside of financial planning and almost went broke. In all of this Darren came to the understanding that God was actually after his attention because He wanted to teach him what it meant to be a good steward. Reflecting on this journey Darren now says “this 'real life' education and drawing closer to God and His word has been a significant blessing to me and now allows me to teach others at a whole new level".

Darren is a businessman and shareholder or former shareholder in a number of businesses including Milestone Financial Services, the Business LIFT: Consulting amongst others with over 29 years' experience in Financial Planning. Darren has long-lasting relationships with very loyal clients and is highly respected in the Australian marketplace and Christian Community.   In 2012 he recorded his first radio program 1WayFM and due to its popularity is now regularly on air.  He runs various workshops including the God's Money Matters 9 Week Money Makeover Intensive.

Darren's passion is to help Christian's master their money - rather than being mastered by it. This has proven to lead households into a position of control of their finances and enjoy the peace of financial freedom. At the same time a good example is being set for children, friends and the community to emulate (salt & light).

Darren is a husband, a father of two daughters, is active in his local church as a Boys’ Brigade Officer, Former Church Treasurer & Board Member, and is involved with various community and youth projects.

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