God's Money Matters - Book
Biblical Keys to Financial Freedom and the Art of Mind Over Money

We all know how to lose weight - simply eat less and exercise more... right?  It sounds like common sense, yet the weight loss industry makes billions of dollars every year on a plethora of products, tools, services, and so on.  The same psychology that is required to help people lose weigh applies to getting fit financially.  It is a matter of spending much less than you earn and investing the rest - so why aren't we all in good shape financially?  

In this book, you will empowered with the knowledge to accomplish seven of the most crucial goals from a financial standpoint and God's perspective:

  • Proven 'mind over money' techniques that work every time
  • The keys to bringing financial peace and freedom into your home (regardless of what you currently earn)
  • How to say "so what, who cares?" to share market crashes
  • What it takes to retire without market or money worries
  • The real truth about tithes and offerings, and who they are for
  • The "money jar" secrets that ensure a successful outcome
  • How to change your financial family tree for generations to come (inter-generational change)
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All profits from the book go to Compassion Australia