This e-Course Will Help You To Become Debt Free, Give More and Steward Your Money The Way God Intended.

  • Stressed about your debt and financial commitments?
  • Not sure what to do or who to speak to?
  • Wish you could sort out your finances once and for all?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this online course is for you!

You Don’t Have To Be Mastered By Your Money.

Learn How To Take Control of Your Finances Using A Tried and Trusted Biblical Method.


Let us help you to discover how to...

  • Get Your Finances Back On-Track
  • Eliminate Your Debt With A Step-by-Step Guide
  • Radically Alter The Way You Think and Feel About Money
  • Improve Your Relationship With Your Spouse and Kids
  • Figure Out How Much To Tithe
  • Change Your Life In Just 9 Weeks

Dear Christian,

If you are looking for a way to get out of debt…

Or if you’re worried that you’re a bad steward and not being faithful with your money… Then this may be the most important letter you’ve ever read. I know that may seem like a bold claim. But let me explain…

I’m Darren and I’ve been a Christian financial planner for over 27 years.....

In that time I’ve seen Biblical money management change the lives of hundreds of Christian couples.

You see… what I discovered from working with these Christian couples is the way you manage your money can either bring about freedom or slavery.

You can be free in the knowledge that you’ve got the right systems in place to honour God, make good decisions, and be regularly tithing and saving.

Or you can be a slave to your money, drowning in a sea of expenses with your bank balance forcing your decisions. Trust me, I know what this is like.

When I first became a qualified financial planner I was taught worldly ways of managing money. When it got to the point where I nearly lost my home due to poor debt management I turned to God’s Word. I was a Bible reading, Bible believing Christian but for some reason didn’t connect God’s teaching on money with my everyday life. But when I finally made that connection, that’s when things started to change.

The truth is that many Christians are in debt and need a way out.

Did you know that:

  • In 2013 almost 1 in 5 (18%) Protestants reported being
  • in serious debt; and
  • Only 12% of born again Christian’s tithed in 2012*

Maybe you can relate to this story....

When you got married everything was blissful. You had some debt but it was manageable because you had relatively few expenses. Of course there was rent to pay, but with two incomes it was easy to cover.

Then you ‘grew up’. You bought a house and got yourself a nice mortgage. You had kids and were reduced to one income. All of a sudden it became a lot more difficult to pay the bills. Monthly mortgage repayments, school fees, an ever-increasing weekly grocery bill… it never ends. With the struggle to put food on the table you feel pressure to crimp from your tithe to pay the bills each month. Some months you don’t tithe at all. This seems pathetic and almost criminal when you’re a Christian. You wonder what God thinks about it.

You also wonder what others would think if they really knew how you live. If people at church ever saw your family balance sheet you’d go red with embarrassment. That feeling of embarrassment also prevents you from seeking help – you don’t want anyone else to know the truth and you’re scared to admit it yourself.

And all the while you’re not saving a cent! You want to get off the spending treadmill you’re on and start saving. How else are you going to put money aside for you children’s education? You want to give them a decent start in life. And you want to be planning for the future but it just doesn’t seem possible on your income.

Instead, non-essential expenses go straight on to your credit card and your debt increases so much that your can’t pay it off each month.
You feel so constrained by just ‘getting by’ that you have no ability to be generous. And you feel terrible for it.

Perhaps worst of all you start to argue with your spouse about money. As the months roll on your financial situation worsens. The arguments increase and your relationship suffers.
You feel the stress and strain.

You feel like a bad steward and a slave to your money.
You say to yourself “Isn’t Christianity about being free?”
This doesn’t feel like freedom to you. You wish there was a better way.

The “Managing Money Gods Way” Course:

With this ECourse you will get;

  • Content from a qualified and highly experienced Christian financial planner
  • 9 Biblically based and powerful lessons about money
  • Over 100 minutes of video
  • The steps to get you back on track and debt free
  • A workbook, cheat-sheets, help guides and tools to tie it all together

9-part biblical & practical course
for Christians;

  • Part 1
    How to set yourself up for financial success
  • Part 2
    Getting the right Biblical understanding of money
  • Part 3
    How to wipe out your credit card and better manage emergencies
  • Part 4
    How to develop a rock solid budget and stick to it
  • Part 5
    The insurances you MUST have for the sake your family
  • Part 6
    Tithing & Giving the way God intends you to
  • Part 7
    How, where and when to invest your money so you can give more
  • Part 8
    Investing & Investments – Planting the Seeds for a Future Harvest
  • Part 9
    An Inheritance to Your Children’s Children – Estate Planning & Passing it On. much does this course cost?

By now you’re probably thinking that all this must cost a small fortune. That’s a fair assumption given how much value is packed into this course. But you might be surprised when you look at your options.

Let’s see – you could:

See a financial planner

$2,200 to $6000

Get a Statement of Advice from your bank

$1,100 or more

Take "Gods Money Matters" course

$197 - Now only $97 Special

God talks an awful lot about money in the Bible, so much so that pastor and popular preacher Timothy Keller once said in a sermon:

“If I taught as much about money as Jesus did in the Bible, then I wouldn’t have a church.” Timothy Keller

In other words, Jesus taught so much about money that if he did the same people would get sick of it and leave his church.

So instead what happens?

Biblical money practices hardly get spoken about in church.

Sometimes not at all!

Perhaps pastors feel inadequate in teaching biblical financial truths that are relevant to your situation. Or maybe it’s because there’s so much information on money in the Bible it can be hard to dissect it all and pull out the essential truths.

But that’s what I’ve done for you here.

You want to know what to do.

You want to take back control.

Well, this course is guaranteed to help. In fact, it could change you and your family for generations to come!

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David C

"…Very practical, stuff you learn is ‘priceless’ for your entire life. Excellent ways to pay down debt quickly, create financial security and find cash flow for giving"

Kim B

"Very helpful information that we just don’t get from banking financial advisers"


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