Free Report - 6 myths

Free Report that Busts 6 Myths That Christians Believe About Money

Have you noticed that even with the amazing amount of information available to us today, it is becoming ever increasingly difficult to find truth?  As Christians we should know where to go to find truth… right? But how many of us searching for answers go straight to God’s word the Bible?  Or is this where we go once we realise that searching the internet to find the answer just provides us with an overwhelming amount of information to sift through?

In this special report, you will discover 6 common myths that many Christians believe about money and see what God’s Bible says about them.

You will learn what these myths are, and how to make sure you get to the truth.

  • Myth # 1:  How we manage our Money is not important to God
  • Myth # 2:  Money is the root of all evil
  • Myth # 3:  Money is not something to be spoken about in church
  • Myth # 4:  Tithing in not a New Testament requirement
  • Myth # 5:  God doesn't want you to be financially successful.  Who was the richest man that has ever lived? (no, it's not Bill Gates) . What did he say about it?
  • Myth # 6:  There is good debt and bad debt and it’s okay to have the good stuff

Included in the report is a BONUS “Guide to Borrowing Money for Christians”

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