Giving and Tithing

Is Giving & Tithing Relevant Today?

Have You Ever Asked the Question "Why Should I Give Anyway... and Who do I Give to?"

For many Christians giving is a touchy subject. On the one hand they may hear some preachers say “Give and God will bless you”  so they feel pressured to give. While on the other hand many are finding things tough and feel they are not able to give. So for many the right response is not that easy to understand.

They may have questions like:

  • Is it possible to rob God?
  • How much do I give?
  • What does bible say?

Darren Laudenbach from GMM believes giving is a very important principle for Christians to understand. He has developed a Biblical blueprint for giving which looks at the following topics:

  • Learn what Jesus said about tithing.
  • Discover principles on where to give, and what to give to
  • Find out how to make sure you are not robbing God and falling under a curse (Malachi 3:8)
  • Hear about what the 'wisest & riches man who ever lived' said about giving.

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