Ever Wondered if Investing is Showing a Lack of Faith?

If as Christians we are living by faith and trusting God for our future why would we need to invest. Surely God will provide if we look to Him. Aren’t we being greedy to want more than this?

This struggle between what is faith and what is stewardship troubles many Christians and leads to questions like these...

  • Should I invest my money
  • Should I save for retirement?
  • When is enough enough?
  • What is the parable of the shrewd steward really all about?
  • We are told lots of parables about sowing and reaping. How does this apply today?

With a professional background in financial planning and many years studying God’s word Darren Laudenbach from GMM has looked for answers to these questions. In this session he unpacks some of the principles God has shown him about investing.

These include:

  • Discover how God's would have us invest
  • Find out the 5 purposes of money, including what "multiplication of seed for the sower" means today
  • Have you set a cap on your spending and consumption? If your answer is 'no' then you'll be forever chasing the wind, and never have enough - no matter how big your investment portfolio becomes.  Learn how to cap consumption for a happier future.
  • Would you like to work out when you'll be able to afford to retire, or to go into full-time ministry or other big life decisions when you know how much money you need?
  • Should you even be saving for retirement? Is retirement planning mentioned in the bible?

Discover How and Where To Invest the Way God Wants You To.