Vision & Mission

GMM aims to empower God’s people to be better stewards of their finances 


To teach, train and equip God's people so that they are freed and inspired to steward His financial gifts for His Kingdom purposes.


To see the power and purposes of God released through His peoples’ willing stewardship of His financial gifts

Core Values

  • Provide Outstanding Education Programs. Events and Experiences
  • Pursue Excellence in Every Aspect
  • Bible Based, Holy Spirit Inspired and Christ-Centred in all we do


1. Empower Christians to be Salt and Light

We are determined to help Christians demonstrate to others the application of God’s wisdom in the way they use their resources. (Matt 5:13-16)

2. Teach Stewardship in Today’s Context.

To educate Christians on what the Bible teaches about money and how these principles can be applied within our current money systems.

3. Redefine Financial Freedom and Success

What is God’s view of success and financial freedom and how does this compare to what the world would like us to believe?

4. Provide Practical and Simple Steps

If we get our thinking right and then employ the right strategies we will see better financial decisions and outcomes.

5. Bring About Financial Peace for You, Your Church & Your Home.

Money issues are a major factor in marriage breakdown. Getting things right financially can bring peace to your home. For those who are single it is a help to get good financial advice rather to work it out on your own. When families and individuals have their hearts set on God along with financial security it brings blessings to those they impact in the world around them.

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