What People Say

What People Say

Andrew Cobb

David and Zoe Richards

David Cusack


“Good practical advice” – Matt S

“Great reminder of things I have previously done but got slack in.  Good practical tips and ideals for changing my thinking about a few areas.  Access to good resources and articles to look at and understand, then apply to my situation” – Hannah W

“…perspective from which the seminar is given i.e. being a good steward” – Tom C

“You should contact Darren!!” – Kate L

“Valuable information… Thanks - I wish I had heard all this earlier in life” – Chris

“Invaluable knowledge on how to initiate financial management following scriptural principles entirely, and will lead to incredible freedom through what you give” – Daniel R

“You’ve gotta go” – Graham M

“worthwhile” – Annette M

“You need to just go, worth every minute” – Kavin S

“All clear & easy evaluation on budget & funds.  Simple education” – Leon H

“Challenging and informing.  Money should be talked about a lot more than it is” – Thomas S

“A fantastic introduction to Godly  (and sensible) ways to manage your finances” – Cerri M

“It was interesting and informative.  It was also motivating” – Cerri M

“A fantastic introduction to Godly  (and sensible) ways to manage your finances” – Kathleen P

“Reinforced my current position.  Good basics to start right.  Alignment to biblical principles” Norm F

“Very helpful information that we just don’t get from banking financial advisers”. Kim B

“Excellent!  Great Biblical principles and references.  Very practical”. Natalie G

“As a single woman I have to consider my finances and plan for the future on a single income. Before consulting God’s Money Matters I had to do that on my own. Now I have a financial adviser who can impart financial and biblical wisdom into my single life. My adviser addressed how to live a godly single life and use money wisely for me, for the financial future of my nephews, and for others. I didn't have to do much because I already had a solid budget plan and good super but I had to face up to some of the hard and boring to do stuff like Income Protection and making a will. Now I have reassurance that I haven’t missed anything that would give me financial security and that I am using God’s resources as best as I can. I would recommend GMM to other single women and anyone who wants to know that they are getting it right and doing it well. -” – Jillian (Canberra)

“Darren helped us reduce our debt, take more control of our money and plan for the future. We were confident in his financial advice because we had seen him apply the same advice to good effect in his own family. Darren practices what he teaches.”. Gary & Ruth Rauber – Canberra

“Before using GMM we were a dual income earning couple and sailing fairly well with our finances. In 2009 we felt the call to assist 4 different projects around the world and we believed it appropriate to self fund so not to burden anyone. On our return we had minimal funds and sought help to budget for some big changes in our lives. We weren't sure whether GMM could help us but liked the fact that is was biblically based and so attended one of the boot camps. The information was well explained and help put us on the right path to preparing for some life changes. We have gone from being a couple to being a family of 6 with the advent of adopting 4 children. From a dual income family to a single income and stay at home mum. GMM helped us put into place some good strategies to deal with the changes in our lifestyle and to better prepare for our future with 4 children. Although we still have debt we feel more in control of our finances and believe we make wiser decisions about our spending and saving.” Max & Cay Merritt

“I asked Darren if he would be interested in running a Financial Bootcamp here at Camden Baptist Church.

Darren's presentation of the material combined with his biblical principles in managing finances made this course a great success.

The feedback from everyone who attended was extremely encouraging both to Darren and Myself.

We personally have made and are making changes in our family since attending his bootcamp.

Highly recommend this to anyone.”. Rev Mark Reilly - Senior Pastor, Camden Baptist Church

“The Financial Bootcamp has been invaluable to many of our congregation. This seminar changes the way we think and act with the money we have. Refreshingly, it is not about prosperity, it is about stewardship. If we can be responsible with what we have, God will open doors for more. This seminar helped us put in to place some fundamental stewardship practices that will bring about financial peace in our lives.

Absolutely recommend Darren and this Financial Bootcamp. ”. Mark Raymond - Senior Pastor, Eternity Church Canberra